2013 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Tahiti

This time next year, from September 18th to the 28th, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will descend onto Tahiti. The people of Tahiti have already started celebrating by hosting a ceremony on September 18, 2012, to reveal the official emblem for the event.

FIFA 2013 Tahiti Logo

Here’s how FIFA explains the design for the emblem: The symbol consists of a stylized sun and waves, representing the climate and environment of beach soccer. The words “Tahiti” and “2013” are arranged to evoke a sense of tradition and music. Local elements are also embedded within the wave pattern—in this case, a series of interlocking shapes are meant to represent the designs of handmade jewelry and tattoo patterns, which are all characteristic of the Tahitian way of life.

In addition to presenting the logo, Tahiti pulled out all the stops to celebrate the occasion. The evening included musical entertainment by the popular local group, Pepena, as well as young singer and songwriter Haunui; and also featured dance performances by Te Oko o te Henua Enana, Knight Riders, Edwin et ses Danseuses, and O Tahiti e. “It’s the best launch ceremony I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending,” said Jaime Yarza, a member of the FIFA delegation. “All of the ingredients came together brilliantly in a dynamic, intense, lively and interactive show. The audience was completely captivated.”

FIFA Emblem Reveal Ceremony in Tahiti

As for the tournament itself, this is the seventh edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, but it will be the first one held in the South Pacific. “In an economic downturn, we need events like the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup to stir our imagination and bring us together,” said Michel Buillard, Mayor of Papeete. Tahiti’s national team, Tiki Toa (Warrior Men), automatically qualifies for the tournament. Reigning world champions, Russia, along with Spain, Ukraine and the Netherlands have all qualified as European representatives, while the other confederations are yet to conclude their qualifying campaigns.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the year as we hear more about the event. Until then, click here to read more about the launch ceremony.


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