House Hunters International Takes on Tahiti

Set your DVRs! The island of Moorea will be featured on HGTV’s House Hunters International on Wednesday, February 6th at 10:30 p.m. E/P. The episode follows Paul and Suzanne Sloan as they pack up and leave Los Angeles for French Polynesia. In an interview with Islands Magazine, Paul said the discussion to move “only took three minutes.” Surely the process of moving wasn’t quite as easy, but be sure to watch and find out!

House Hunters International Filming in Moorea, Source: Tahiti In Style
House Hunters International on Location in Moorea, Source: Tahiti in Style

Here’s a synopsis of the episode: “After a decade of living the American dream, Paul and Suzanne Sloan are ready to leave it all behind in L.A. Tired of the fast pace and rigorous work schedule, the couple and their son are moving to Suzanne’s spectacular Tahitian homeland. But satisfying his wife’s dream of the perfect island cottage makes Paul wonder if they’ve made the right decision to move. Watch as the Sloans try to find the middle ground as House Hunters International goes to Moorea, Tahiti.”

Spoiler alert! Here’s an exclusive first look at their chosen beach house in Temae, Moorea.

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9 thoughts on “House Hunters International Takes on Tahiti

  1. I was surprised by the show. My wife and I are fans of the show but it looked like the producers were pulling a fast one this time. Many of the shots were taken in Bora Bora, not Moorea, particularly those with the lagoon and the iconic Mt Otemanu. Aren’t these shows usually more accurate?

    1. Unfortunately I’ve heard these shows are pretty much fake. Notice in the Islands interview (linked above), this family actually built the house on Moorea. It’s now a vacation rental, so I’m guessing the company just wanted to show off the property.

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