Lessons in Tahitian Dance

Tahitian dance, known as Ori Tahiti, is a strong and vibrant tradition in Polynesian culture. This captivating art form has been used for generations to pass on the tales and legends of the islands. If you’ve ever tried to keep up with the tamure (the fast hip-shaking motion), you know just how difficult it is. If you’ve always wanted to learn, here’s your chance!

Ori Tahiti Training

From April 8th to the 12th, the Ori Tahiti Training Course will take place at the Artistic Academy of French Polynesia in Papeete. Created specifically for tourists and foreigners, the goal of the class is to teach amateurs the lyrics and rhythms of Tahitian music and the basics of Polynesian dance. It’s a great opportunity for beginners and experienced dancers to improve their technique and share their passion for the art. At the end of the training, each member receives a certificate of participation indicating their level of achievement.

We encourage you to sign up if you’re in Tahiti next week. If you’ve already learned the art of Tahitian dance, we want to hear about the experience!


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