Recap: The 130th Heiva I Tahiti

We recently told you everything we know about the Heiva I Tahiti; and since the event just concluded this month, we thought we’d also share a few updates with you! If you’re interested in knowing how it all turned out, here are the results from this year’s dancing competition. To see the dancers and their elaborate costumes in detail, check out the photos and videos below.

Click on the following image to see a full album on Facebook, thanks to ‘Anapa Production:

Group Tamarii Manotahi, Heiva i Tahiti 2012
Group Tamarii Manotahi, Heiva i Tahiti 2012

For the last two years, a young group of Polynesian photographers known as Matareva Photo has captured the Heiva I Tahiti and published a special edition magazine for the event. They haven’t released the photos from this year’s festival quite yet, but below are some of their pictures from 2011. Be sure to check back and don’t miss their 2012 edition!

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While you’ll probably agree that the images above are truly stunning, the best way to get a sense of what’s it like to be there is to watch the videos. Here are two different female dance groups and their performances at this year’s 130th Heiva I Tahiti:

This next group, Hei Tahiti, won third place this year. Here’s one of their dances, “The Weaving of Love,” led by Tiare Trompette:

If you ever had any doubt that the event takes months of hard work and preparation, here’s an incredible video that shows the dancers rehearsing and making their costumes by hand.

But the Heiva I Tahiti is not only about dancing — it’s also a celebration of Polynesian culture and athleticism. Sporting events include heavy stone lifting, javelin throwing, outrigger canoe races, and fruit carrying competitions. Below are a few photos from some of these other popular Heiva activities. All in all, this year’s event was a huge success! Congrats to all of the participants!

Fruit carrying competition, Heiva i Tahiti


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