Tahiti’s Monoï Here

The Monoï Here is, well… here! This week marks the start of the 6th annual Monoï Here (pronounced Mah-noy Héré), which is a four-day celebration of Tahiti’s famously fragrant monoï oil. The event will take place from Thursday, November 15th until Sunday, November 18th at the Maison de la Culture in downtown Papeete. Want to know more? Here’s everything we know about the Here!

Monoï Week 2012

Here History

The Monoï Institute has organized the Monoï Here every year since 2007. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the monoï of yesterday and also focus on the future and modern uses of monoï. It brings together anyone that has a passion for monoï—growers, producers, suppliers, and beauty professionals—for a series of screenings, workshops, conferences and exhibits. Attendees have the unique opportunity to share recipes, rediscover traditional formulas and discover other plants from the Mao’hi (ancient Tahitian) pharmacopoeia.

An Inspiring Theme

Each year the event features a different theme that extends beyond just the product itself. This year’s Monoï Here is all about the New Vahinés (“Women”). The purpose of this theme is to promote the emergence of a new vision of beauty—one that is not based on perfection, but rather a beauty that is as natural as the ingredients used to make monoï.

Four Days of Monoï

The event will focus on four different aspects of monoï. These include:

  • Culture and Education. The first part of the event is dedicated to the cultural aspect of monoï and will include movies, conferences and panel discussions about its history.
  • Creation. The second portion focuses on the production of monoï and will feature demonstrations on the various ways to make the oil.
  • Use. The third part of the event delves into the numerous uses of this traditional oil and will include workshops such as traditional massage, treatment and relaxation.
  • The Monoï World. The final portion of the event highlights the commercial use of monoï throughout the world of cosmetics and will feature a cosmetic bar and makeup tutorials.

If you’d like to know more about the event and see the full schedule, please check the program on their website.

More About Monoï

Monoï is made from coconut oil and infused with the fragrant Tiare flower or Tahitian gardenia. Used in everything from hair and skincare to tanning and massage therapy, this hydrating oil promotes smooth, healthy skin and has been an “indispensable companion” to the Polynesian people for generations. In 1992, it received the coveted quality seal, “Appellation of Origin,” making this year’s Monoï Here particularly special since it’s celebrating the 20th anniversary of this recognition.

Monoï de Tahiti


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