Guess Model Gigi Hadid in Bora Bora

Last week we told you about the Guess photo shoot in Bora Bora and gave you a first look at their 2013 Spring/Summer campaign. Today, we have an awesome behind-the-scenes video featuring model Gigi Hadid to share with you. Here’s what she said about the experience: “Shooting in Bora Bora was one of the best things I’ve ever done… It was really fun and I learned a lot… I love Bora Bora, it was beautiful.” Watch and see what she’s talking about!


7 thoughts on “Guess Model Gigi Hadid in Bora Bora

  1. Which year are you in? Que buen video, por dios. Ella es una belleza total. Que clase para chapur la pija, que lindo lo hace, siempre sonriendo y lamiendo y chupando que da gusto. Que forma espectacular de cabalgar tiene, se mueve tan lindo esa mujer es un sueo. El se la coge a la perfeccin, la penetra como ella lo merece, y su conchita recibe el trozo con gusto. Y como si faltara algo, ella recibe el regalo final de manera impecable, manteniendo la belleza de su rostro sonriente de principio a fin.

  2. I was extremely shocked and surprised by the movie. I did not expecting something so good to be produced by a Kuwaiti film-team. Everyone I attended the movie with was really impressed as well.The acting was SUPERB. It was really believable, and even if I might be a little biased because I really like Saad Al Faraj and Khaled Ameen, I thought they delivered their roles flawlessly. Asmahan Tawfeeq was also perfect in her part.It had a variety of flavors. There were the necessary moments of true joy, sorrow, laughter, depression, etc. and it could easily move you. I personally was quickly clung onto the events of the movie and was really moved throughout. Some scenes were just heartbreaking… like the one when Tareq thought his parents were the ones tied and gunned down and he had ran out hysterically. Also, the death of Um Tareq was pretty shocking and how they had to just bury her behind. Of course the very end was really emotional as well.When the movie ended, I expected people to give it a round of applause, it didn’t, but it surely deserved to.I’m not going to get into technical stuff because I’m not a tough critic on that. The visuals, audio, scenery, and dialogue were all great. I wasn’t really happy with the lack of subtitles for foreign languages, but it was ok. Everything was still understandable.I’m hoping for more productions of this sort to come out from Kuwait and get that appreciation it deserves. There are so many people here that possess the potential to do amazing. Keep it up and good luck to Kuwaiti cinema =)

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