Tahiti Guitar Festival

The 6th annual Tahiti Guitar Festival will take place from March 7-9th at Le Meridien Tahiti, gathering professional musicians and music lovers together for three amazing nights of performances. The theme for this year’s edition is “Celtic Encounter,” featuring music by international artists such as Jean Charles Guichen and Taÿfa. Music is a universal language that brings people together—and that’s exactly what this event is all about!

The festival is organized by the association Tahiti Rock Group, which focuses on the advancement of artists and musical groups from French Polynesia and beyond. Founded in 2006, they organize local concerts and facilitate contact between artists, producers, record companies, studios, suppliers and distributors. They also sponsor Hopes Guitar Tahiti, a contest for aspiring musicians ages 15-25, which has opened many doors for young guitarists.

Although this year highlights the sounds of international folk music, there will also be traditional Polynesian performances intermixed. On Thursday, the acclaimed dance troupe Tamariki Poerani will perform excerpts from their repertoire at the last Heiva i Tahiti; and on Friday and Saturday night, the local band Toa ‘Ura will close both evenings with a musical performance inspired by their Tahitian homeland. Here’s one of their music videos to give you an idea:


7 thoughts on “Tahiti Guitar Festival

  1. sounds really fun! perhaps something different in lieu of the dance show at the InterContinental. thanks for sharing!

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