Tahiti, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Travel + Leisure recently ran a story titled, “What Your Hotel Knows About You.” The conclusion? More than you might think! The article talks about how resorts are getting personal by learning tidbits of information about their guests before they arrive. This is not a new concept in the world of hospitality, but social media is making it much easier for them to find you. Before you start changing your privacy settings on Facebook, keep in mind that “prying is the new pampering!”

Warm Tahitian Welcome, Photo: SPM

Beyond the beauty of the islands, the welcoming Tahitian spirit and the impeccable service offered by most hotels is usually what our clients rave about when they return. The luxury resorts know and address you by name; and if they happen to know your favorite food or beverage, you just might find your minibar fully stocked when you arrive. It’s these little personal touches that make for a truly remarkable, top-notch experience.

Take the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, for instance. They Google every guest two weeks prior to arrival. “We actually create a little story about them — just a paragraph or so — and share that with the heads of each department,” says general manager Michael Schoonewagen. “The first page of Google results is usually sufficient. We’re not digging into every last detail of someone’s life — we just want a picture of who they are.” Perhaps that’s why they were rated as one of the top resorts in Australia and the Pacific by Condé Nast Traveler’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards!

In addition to gathering information online, resorts often work in partnership with someone like us — your travel specialist. At Tahiti.com, we do our best to get to know each client so we can pass on your likes, dislikes, interests and habits to the hotel where you’re staying.

Did you receive exceptional service during your trip to Tahiti? If so, we want to hear about it!


4 thoughts on “Tahiti, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

  1. Stayed at the St. Regis Bora Bora and was very impressed! Everyone was so attentive and friendly. Best vacation ever!

  2. I’m all for stalking when it gets me that kind of service! Tell them I like free wine and spa treatments ; )

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