No Reservations: French Polynesia

Tahiti is more than overwater bungalows and pretty beaches; and when it comes to uncovering the islands’ hidden treasures, Anthony Bourdain is just the right man for the job! In Season 3 of No Reservations, the celebrity chef and world traveler visits French Polynesia to try the local fare and discover the region’s lesser-known attributes. His adventures include riding horseback in the Marquesas, getting inked by a local tattoo artist, spearfishing for lunch in Rangiroa, and holding a shark with his own bare hands. Would you dare to do any of those things? Watch the clips below and you can decide!

In this first video, Tony makes his way to the distant Marquesas Islands where he rolls up his sleeve and gets a traditional Polynesian tattoo!

In this next clip, Tony arrives at the secluded Kia Ora Sauvage in Rangiroa where he samples the delicious and highly elusive coconut crab.


6 thoughts on “No Reservations: French Polynesia

  1. Anthony is my hero. I’ve always wanted to get inked abroad to remember the time, but I always end up at the beach and you’re supposed to stay out of the water. I should probably just not care. :)

    1. I got my calf inked from the knee to the ankle in Papeete the day I left for the states. Nice artist in the market, Efraima, has a good rep. It took 8 hours and cost about $750 and it’s world class art.

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