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Bora Bora with Giada De Laurentiis

Last year, celebrity chef and Food Network host Giada De Laurentiis went to Bora Bora for her special, “Giada in Paradise,” where she explores food and culture from her favorite worldwide vacation destinations. The episode originally aired on January 15th, 2012, but don’t worry if you missed it because we have a few clips and recipes from the show! Also, the Cooking Channel is still airing her adventures, so check your local listings and you may catch a repeat. Read more


Vin de Tahiti: French Polynesia’s Only Wine Label

Since we recently introduced you to Tahiti’s national beer, Hinano, it only makes sense that we also want you to become more familiar with Tahiti’s only wine label, Vin de Tahiti. When you consider the best places in the world to harvest grapes, Italy, Napa or the South of France probably come to mind. You wouldn’t expect an atoll in the middle of the South Pacific to have a vineyard — but it does! Read more

It’s Vanilla Week!

From now until June 9th, Tahiti is celebrating the 5th edition of Tahitian Vanilla Week. In honor of this sumptuous spice, we’re sharing fun facts about the cultivation process, information about the event itself and also some delicious recipes that you might want to try… should you be lucky enough to bring home a few vanilla beans from your next trip! Read more

A Taste of Tahiti: Making Poisson Cru

If you’ve been to the islands of Tahiti, chances are you’ve tried their signature dish, poisson cru. It’s on nearly every menu in Tahiti and its flavor defines the essence of French Polynesia – sweet, tender, refreshing and exotic. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a real treat!

Read more